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Families Choose The Adelson School Because:

Students Are Known Here

Because class sizes are kept small, our exceptional teachers can invest in their students' lives and understand their unique learning styles. 

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Next-Level College Prep

An intentional Path to College program guides students toward a bright future as they explore their strengths and take classes in focus areas that align with leading careers.

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Character Development Matters

Adelson students develop a strong sense of self. They are surrounded by a supportive community, committed to their ideals, and accountable for their actions.

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“Since the first day we arrived on campus to tour with Ryan, we knew the school was everything we wanted for him – strong academics, Jewish values, and a caring community. Every day at Adelson, Ryan learns from passionate and inspirational teachers, staff that treat him like family, and by motivated peers and involved families. We’re a Jewish family that continues to grow in our faith, and we believe that the superior education and strong values of the Adelson School is by far the right choice for our family.” 

-Rachel Allen, Adelson Parent

9700 Hillpointe Road   |   Las Vegas, NV 89134

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Discover Why Parents Choose Nevada’s Only PK-12 Jewish Community School

Welcoming families from all backgrounds, The Adelson School is an exceptional private school in Las Vegas where your child can thrive.

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An Inside Look at the Adelson Learning Experience

From our play-based preschool program to real-world learning in high school, an authentic love for learning is cultivated.

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Co Curricular and Enrichment Options for your Child:

Students explore their talents and build meaningful friendships in athletics (no cuts), fine arts, interest-based clubs and leadership.

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Ways We Give Parents Peace of Mind By Investing in Safety 

Top-notch security features, a drug-free campus, and social-emotional learning create a culture where students learn better.

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What Being a Jewish Day School Means to Us 

All are welcome at Adelson. Drawing on a rich Jewish heritage, we emphasize what unites us and how strong values can help us build a better world.

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