Looking for a high school experience that will set your teen up for success?

We give students the confidence and tools needed to accomplish their goals. Download our high school guide to discover academic and leadership opportunities at The Adelson School, Nevada’s only PK-12 Jewish community school.


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Give your teen confidence to step into tomorrow.

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'The Adelson School really prepared me for college and the next chapter in my life. The curriculum and expert teachers really pushed me and allowed me to go farther than I ever thought possible. I was ready for college on day one!” 

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Download Your Free Guide Now

Download Your Free Guide Now

Help your teen define their own success

iPad Preview-High School Parent Info Packet

Help your teen define their own success

Families choose The Adelson School because we help teens:

Dedicated teachers work to build the academic foundation students need for future success.

Define and Achieve Goals

In this guide, you will find:

How Adelson tailors the college selection and application process for each student

Details about how Adelson high schoolers benefit from a career-oriented curriculum

Enrichment opportunities that produce confident, well-rounded students

Some of the ways we promote academic preparedness and leadership skills

Students are encouraged to pursue talents and interests in targeted growth areas where they excel.

Discover New Skills

Learning extends beyond the classroom — character building and leadership opportunities contribute to the greater community.

Become Citizens of the World

Ben Khavkin, Adelson School Alumni ('19)

iPad Preview-High School Parent Info Packet

Download Your Free Guide Now

iPad Preview-Defining Success
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